A group of Congress Democrats urged a week from the US Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission to make a more thorough review of Amazon’s purchase plan of Whole Foods Market.

MPs said that the review included that residents living in so-called food deserts, having $ 13.7 billion worth of deals, could have limited access to fresh groceries.

The letter said on Thursday, “As long as we do not oppose merger at this time, we are worried about what this merger means for the African-American communities in the country, which is already the cheapest food options Suffering from deficiency. ”

This letter included U.S. Representative Marcia Fuz and 11 other Democrats, Senator Corrie Booker.

Amazon and Whole Foods expect to gain access to fresh food, said Brian Hussein, in a letter to Amazon’s Vice President, Fudge, on Thursday, also on Thursday.

Hussein said in the letter, “We agree with you that the use of food is an important issue for the country, and we share our goal of improving that access.”

Amazon has lobbied to be able to accept online food stamps and is participating in a pilot program.

“We offer low-cost healthy meals for zip codes across the country, before Amazon was limited to large selection of high-quality foods,” Houseman wrote to Fudge.

Fudge letter was made public by the United Food and Commercial Labor Association (UFCW), which serves many grocers of United States Associations. Fudge office confirmed that he had sent the letter.

Amazon’s plan announced in June that the whole food lost the grocery industry to buy a premium grower and dismissed concerns that the deal could increase prices, reduce the quality of the products and cause employment to be lost. is

Nevertheless, most anti-expert experts hope that the Federal Trade Commission will accept planned mergers.

The UFCW Union praised the letter demanding more investigation.

UFCW chairman Mark Peron said on Friday, “Political concerns about the acquisition of Amazon’s entire food items are rising due to good reasons.” “The sole desire of replacing Amazon’s retail market and replacing good jobs with automation is not only a direct threat to men and women who work hard in whole foods, this is a direct threat to our economy and consumers.”

Amazon has demanded to dispute that it will give monopoly to the grocery industry. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. currently controls the largest market share

“We also do not plan to cut jobs as part of the acquisition, which will result in the sale of national grocery less than 3% of the company’s approval,” Hussein wrote.

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