On Monday, the European Judge has said that “European leading courts are likely to decide on Intel’s appeal for an EU antitrust restructure by next year, which was charged at 1.06 billion euros as fine ($ 1.19 billion)”. To companies such as Google and Qualcomm in making crossroads of the European Union

The European Commission has claimed a compensation from Intel seven years ago for allegedly trying to deter Advanced Micro Devices’ competitors by offering discounts to Dell computer makers Hewlett-Packard, NEC, and Lenovo to buy computer chips. Mostly from Intel.

US chipmakers have challenged the courts in Luxembourg, Europe’s second highest court.

The judge denied its arguments in 2014, saying the commission did not commit too much to authorize a 4.15% stake in Intel’s sales in 2008, compared to a possible 10%. The company then appealed to the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

At competition conference, the Vice President of General Court ‘Marc van der Woude’ said “I expect a decision by next year.”

Last year, Intel showed an improvement on the question of whether ECJ court consultant Nils Wahl really did damage the company’s actions. The Court observes this recommendation in four of five cases.

US chip maker Qualcomm is also charged for offering competitive services to competitors at other fees while fighting accusations of using non-competitive methods, including rebates to the EU to tighten their opponents.

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