As part of 10th anniversary, Flipkart is running a competition which will give its employees a ability to be a CEO for one day.

The interested candidates have to just fill up the form, explaining why they can be a good CEO. The one day CEO will have a opportunity during the day to attend all the meetings of the current CEO.

In an e-mail statement company said its staff that: “As a CEO, you can attend all the meetings, you will make a decision on behalf of Kalyan, even send emails to the entire body! In other words, you will be acting as Kalyan for the whole day.”

In an interview with Pramodh Karumbaiah, senior HR director at Flipkart told Time of India that “The winner of this competition can obscure Kalyan and participate in all the meetings and events, her things from his/her own experience, see what situations arise. This is a lot of experimental training.”

Karumbaiah said “All the responses from the aspiring employees will be approved by a panel and later it would be handed over to the CEO, who will choose one person.”

“People those who wanted to know what CEO does, how they work and prioritize thing, It will help us to connect with our employees on the ground and see the other side of the table.” he added.

Kalyan added “Flipkart has a pool of talented people who lead a team of high intensity that helped the company disrupt and innovate “with initiatives Big10, we intend to get the views and perspectives. Fresh as well as fun and engaging in initiatives for our people, “he said.

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