India’s Commerce and Industry Minister ‘Nirmala Sitharaman’ has advised that the American and Australian authorities should take into a account that the interest of American and Australian companies who are doing business here, while developing a visa policies which effects the workers from India and other other countries.

While talking with reporters, she said that “It’s not that Indian companies are working in United States and in Australia, their are several of big US and Australian companies who are working in India too. Who earn their margin, earn their profits that go to Australia and US economy. This is a situation that is not where the Indian companies have to deal with American orders”.

“There are many American and Australian companies that have been doing their business for a decades in India. So, if these debates need to be expanded, they need to be expanded in all the aspects. That all these factors have to be taken into the account.” she added.

Responding to a question whether India can take United states and Australia in WTO’s dispute settlement mechanism, she said “At this stage we will cooperate constructively. But at the same time, India will ensure that it will not take the unfair treatment.” In an meanwhile, Nirmala said that India is in a favor of “constructive participation with all the countries.”

The statement came a day after US president Donald Trump signed an order for H-B visas, and Australia also revised its visa regime. The US authorities propose to replace the existing lottery based system for issuing working visas with merit-based approach.

Keeping that the government expects the US to fulfill its obligations on the number of visas, Nirmala said “Protectionism is on the rise, and India’s proposal for an agreement on providing its services in the field of trade could solve some of the problems. “It is not only about US, but their are some other countries too which are taking such measures.

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