The Government of Karnataka has announced Rs 10 crore as fund for the women entrepreneurs, In which Department of Information Technology, Biotechnology and Science and Technology can authorize up to Rs 50 lakhs for any women innovator who is seeking fund for the proof of concept, certification and for other purpose, including covering costs in the manufacturing of experimental devices.

This new fund for Idea2POC (Idea to Proof of Concept) was announced by the state government, on the occasion of International Women’s Day this week.

The state government is already have three other Idea2POC Fund, for the sectors like all Technology focused sector, Agriculture focused sectors and for Tourism focused sectors.

This new fund for women entrepreneurs was launched by the Department of Information Technologies, Biotechnology and Science and Technology under Multi-sector Launch Policy in Karnataka.

In an statement issued by IT, BT and tourism minister Priyank Kharge said “I am happy to note that the confederation of women entrepreneurs is promoting the cause of women’s empowerment by instilling a corporate culture among the women and facilitating the information of their ideas into viable business model.”

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