On Friday, A US House of Representatives committee said that ” The committee has scheduled a new hearing on Kaspersky Lab software, as lawmakers were checking allegations that the Kremlin could use its products for spying”.

Kaspersky Lab has consistently denied those allegations which were made by the lawmakers.

Last month, Kaspersky asked the Trump administration to issue an order to the civilian government agencies for removing  Kaspersky software from their network. Whereas the company also agreed to send its CEO Eugene Kaspersky to Washington to testify before Congress.

According to reports, The House Committee on Science, Space and Technology on 25th October said that, “In 2015 The Russian government supported hackers stole highly-classified US cyber homes from a contractor of the National Security Agency who had installed Kaspersky software on his laptop.

The Scientific Committee of the House did not say who would be called to the statement in the hearing.

In an interview with Reuters, Eugene Kaspersky, last month told that “the committee had invited him to testify at a hearing on 27 September, and he would participate if he could get an accelerated visa for the US.”

This hearing was canceled later, although on 26 September the committee had a closed section on Kaspersky software.

In a statement issued by Eugene Kaspersky on Friday said that “I hoped to participate in the hearing and I am looking forward to taking part in the hearing as soon as it is re-planned and has the opportunity to address the Committee’s concerns directly”.

An appearance before the Congress would represent Kaspersky’s most well-known attempt to dispel long-standing accusations that his company could lead espionage on behalf of the Russian government.

The investigation of NSA hack 2015 focuses on someone who worked in the agency’s tailor-made access operations, a unit that uses computer hacking to collect intelligence, two people familiar with the classified probe.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus software ran on the contractor’s laptop at the time of hacking, and the investigators investigated whether hackers use the software to break the computer and steal the data, said one of these sources.

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