On Friday, the minister for Information Technology, Ravi shankar prasad said that our government have express its concern about the H-1B visa issue in the US.

Talking in India Today Conclave’s summit, Ravi Shankar Parasad said that “The Government of India has voiced its concerns on the H-1B Visa issue at the highest level (The US administration), and we hope that the American administration should understand Our IT companies is an assets to the United States, and we Indians do not steal jobs in US, but we create jobs to them.”

“Indian IT companies are currently present in 200 cities in 80 countries including the United States. Indian IT companies has paid more than $20 billion as taxes over the last five years to United States.”

Prasad said “This companies have given jobs to 4 lakh people in US, including that they have added a value to almost 75% of the Fortune 500 companies.”

Adding to this, He said “Indian technical experts help the US economy become competitive.”

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