According to the new report introduced by Nokia, which says the 4G was the main source of data traffic India in 2016, with a overall contributes 63% of the total data payload. It has been found that the monthly average of 4G data per user was around 1400 Mb, as compare to 3G data which was 850 MB per users.

The uses of 4G and 3G data together added up to 76% of the India’s total data traffic. Speaking on 2G, Nokia said the use of the network witnessed a 13% short fall as compared to last year.

As per the prices, the chief executive of HMD Global said that the prices of the mobile phones may be some differences depending on the region. For example, the price tags will be slightly high in Uk, as the VAT in the county is high.

Social media and messaging apps also led to an increase in data consumption in India. Nevertheless, video viewing was the largest donor in the total volume of the mobile data traffic by 60%. Nokia also explained that 60 to 70 % of the video consumption through direct channels(including YouTube, Streaming video, OTT apps and other related apps). the 30 – 40% of data consumption comes from indirect channel. Here the indirect channels are automated videos and photos that get downloaded while users scroll through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and many more.

Referring to the EY analysis, Nokia said “people in India uses about 1 GB of data per month. South Korea leads the charts, with 4.2 GB of data per month.

Nokia added it was the leading provider of 4G LTE network in 2016 and pocketed 120 contracts from telecom’s companies. The company is banking the IoT, rural India and the development of smart cities for further expansion of its networks. It is also working on 4.5G, 4.9G and 5G networks.

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