Reddit a social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website, has today reported that it has suspended one of it’s subreddit called “Alt-right“.

According to the report published in Cnet, Reddit has banned a subreddit named At-right, and the reason given for this will surprise you.

Alt-right is a subreddit on Reddit – a smaller community for discussion- and this bangs the conservative moments with the reference to the white superiority. Actually the community moderator with the name “LetThereBeWhite”said that a descent subreddit is a racial movement and it will consists of the Nationalists, Racial realist and Nazis

Now you may be guessing on what grounds Reddit banned those subreddit? this is not something that you may be guessing on. The head of the page you can find a message stating the following:

In other word, it was not a manifestation of hateful or threats of harassment, which draw attention  to Reddit forum, but the fact that the personal information shared via “Doxxing” with an aim to haunt potential objectives.

About Doxxing : Doxxing is the practice of collecting and publishing the identifiable information about the individuals.


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