Within a year after starting it’s subscription based service, SoundCloud an audio distribution platform, is ready to make changes in it’s service charge.

SoundCloud has today introduced it’s mid tier subscription prices for $4.99 per month, which will remove all the commercial ads and it will add a standalone support for the standard experience SoundCloud. This $4.99 mid tier plan will called a s SoundCloud Go and the $10 per month plan will be renamed from SoundCloud Go to SoundCloud Go+.

The $4.99 per month plan will provide full ad free access to more than 120 million tracks, with the option to save offline on mobile. On the other hand SoundCloud GO+ include wider selection of more than 150million songs with no previews. But it is not clear that which tracks are not be available to the $4.99 plan.



In an statement issued by Alex Ljung, said “The addition of a mid tier plan will help the SoundCloud to gain more income, something that SoundCloud has been recently struggling from. “By extending our offer, not only enhance the experience of the listeners on the on the platform, but it will also open a new revenue opportunities to further expand our creator payment program” he added.

The big question for advancing SoundCloud is “off the topic of settlement” is remain the conversion. According to  sources, the company has struggled to convert 175 million active users to paying subscribers.
SoundCloud says its new subscription tiers will go live later this morning at 8AM ET and it will be available in the U.S., UK, Ireland, France, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Germany. SoundCloud Go will start at $4.99 (web/Android), $5.99 (iOS) per month in the US, SoundCloud Go+ will be start at $9.99 (web/Android), and $12.99 (iOS) per month in the US.

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