In an interview with ET, Telecom minister Manoj sinha said “The Government of India believes that the 5G is still a work in progress globally and this may not be the right time to sell the waves that supports technology.

While talking with ET, He said that “The government, which is yet to decide on the deadline for the next auction, must be ready itself to sell the 5G waves when the good time comes.” He added “the resentment in the industry between Reliance’s Jio and the other starters was expected as a new competitor would always face the resistance from the existing players, but we hope to be a settle down as soon as possible.

When ET asked Mr Sinha about the entry of Reliance Jio Infocomm and its impact on the sector. He said “There are two things. One, the consumer is benefiting with this. Generally speaking, there is a banking debt in the sector. The ministry will surely ensure that the economic and financial health of the sector is maintained well and, where necessary, we intervene. If the financial health of the sector is being impacted, whatever rights we have under the regulatory framework, will be used.”

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