Vodafone India has today, introduced its new free-of-cost plan “Vodafone Sakhi Pack” for female subscribers in UP West and Uttarakhand. This new services will allow its users to easily recharge their mobile phones without sharing their number with retailers.

To use this services user have to send a free of cost SMS ‘Private’ at 12304. This will allow subscribers to obtain Private Charge via OTP without sharing the mobile number. This OTP can also be used on any charge made over a 24 hour period.

Within this service, Vodafone also offers three additional plans – Rs 52, Rs 78 and Rs 99. Vodafone users will get a talk time of 42 minutes and 50 MB of 2G / 3G data for 30 days with a refill of 52 rupees. When recharging 78 rupees subscribers will get 62 minutes of talk time and 50 MB of 2G / 3G data. Finally, users will receive 79 minutes of talk time and 50 MB of 2G / 3G data when recharging 79 rupees.

In addition, in the event of an emergency, when the user has a zero balance in their account, they can make an emergency call within 10 minutes. Users will also receive a bonus feature of free health tips during the first 90 days with the purchase of any of these packages.

Dilip Kumar Ganta, the business leader of UP-West and Uttarakhand, Vodafone India said: “As part of our ongoing work to meet the needs of customers, we believe that security and privacy are very important. And smartphones become the main storage device, the security of personal information has become a key task for people.

“Vodafone Sakhi” will help overcome the needs of women in telecommunications in rural areas and remove their barriers to accessing mobile services at their discretion.

“Very proud of the fact that we are implementing this unique product aimed at empowering women through UP-West. We want women to use mobile tools to expand opportunities and optimize their effectiveness,” He added.

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