On Friday, The German parliament had approved a new bill, ‘Which will impose a penalty of 50 million euros (approx $57 million) on social media site if they fail to remove hate content postings on their platforms.

The new allow will give 24 hours to social media site to remove or block obviously criminal contents and seven days to deal with less clear-cut cases,with a commitment to report to the person who filed the complaint as they handled the case.

The breach of the law resulted in a fine of 50 million euros and the company’s chief representative in Germany imposed a fine of 5 million euros.

By welcoming the new law The Central Council of Jews in Germany said that “This law is the next logical step to effectively address hate speech as all voluntary agreements with platform providers have been virtually unsuccessful”.

German Justice Minister Heiko Maas said the law was long awaited and insisted that a measure to “end the Internet jungle law” would not violate freedom of expression.

This law was more urgent for the German government, as the politicians fears that the proliferation of the false news and racist content, especially the news related to migrations, which influenced the public opinion during the 24 September’s national elections.

After this new law, some of the organizations representing digital companies, consumers and journalists have criticized the government by saying that ‘this law will damage the freedom of expression.’

In response, the government has mitigated the legislation by excluding e-mail and courier providers and by opening the possibility of creating joint monitoring systems to make decisions about the content to be eliminated.

It also pointed out that a fine would not necessarily be imposed after a single infringement but only after an undertaking has systematically refused to act or does not put in place an adequate complaint management system.

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