In an new partnership between Idea cellular and iTel, Idea cellular will offer 6GB free data to iTel smartphone users. However, the smartphone users will not receive this 6GB data at same time, but the user will receive 1 GB data per month for six month.

The free data offer will be available for it1409, it1407, it1508, it1508+ and it1516+ smartphones. To redeem this offer, the user can visit from their iTel smartphone using Idea SIM.

The site will automatically extract the IMEI number from the smartphone and the mobile phone number. After that the user have to tap on ‘Show My Offers’ and select ‘iTel 1GB’ to avail this free internet data.

According to the sources “Even though, the iTel users will receive 1GB free data for the first month, the users¬† have to recharge for any voice or data pack worth RS50 every month to receive this 1GB free data”.

In an statement CEO of iTel Mobile, Sudhir Kumar said “Since all the aspects of our lives is moving rapidly to a digital platform, the Internet connection has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Communication with Idea Cellular, one of the most popular mobile networks with broad coverage of services aimed at creating a digital connections more accessible and valuable to the users as a iTel and Idea. We are confident that a large number of customers across the country will get benefit from the partnership and improved digital communication that allows”.

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