A year after fighting for censorship, Iranian social networking site “Cloob“, has today announced that it is shutting down its site by allowing the foreign social networking site Instagram to take over it.

Having over 2 million users in the country, Cloob.com was launched 12 years ago in an response to Facebook and Google owned Orkut.

Challenge of keeping the track record of women’s pictures who does not show the hair and the removal of political sensitive comments and political memes which resulted the company in frequent clashes with officials.

In a blog post, Mohammad Javad Shakouri Moghadam, the director director of the company said that “Cloob.com was blocked three times and the last one took over 28 days to unlock.”

“Just like peasants, Webmasters know its hard to rejuvenate the land for 28 days,” adding in its blog. He also said that his team does not have “A energy or enthusiasm’ n the longer battle.

World’s biggest social networking site ‘Facebook.com’ is completely banned in Iran due to lack of supervision, especially for the women’s who shares photos without covering their heads, which is illegal under Islamic law, but on he other hand website like Instagram are not banned and which is growing rapidly in Iran, following to the Telegram, and instant messenger app which has more than 25 million users in Iran.

But according to the sources, the officials said that “They can not ban  popular online services as long as there is no local alternative”.

He also said that “He also faced a frequent legal battles with other companies such as Video sharing camera and streaming service Filmio.

He also said that “Today, some people are starting to … sue for new wave of content creators like Aparat and other services that create content within the country, which is very beneficial to our country and culture,” he said.

Promising to reduce social restrictions, in May President ‘Hassan Ruhani’ as re-elected.

Mohammad-Azari Jahromi is the new chief minister of the Islamic Republic.

A few month ago, in August Jahromi said that negotiations were underway to impose the ban on Twitter, although no progress was announced.

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