On Friday, the supporters of net neutrality blew up the Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai plans to reverse the Obama-era legal framework.

According to the several media reports, Pai told major telecom trading companies that it has a plan to replace  the net neutrality rules of 2015 by voluntary agreements to adopt open internet principles.

The rule of 2015, forbid broadband providers to deliver or sell the fastest, or so-called Fastlane-access to some online services by comparison with others.

Ajit Pai, a newly appointed as FCC chairman by President Donald Trump, opposed the FCC approved rules, which gave the agency a strong legal control over broadband providers and interpreting them as a utilities.

FCC commissioner Mignon Klayburn (Mignon Clyburn) said that if the reports are accurate, “We are preparing for a battle that could eviscerate widely supported open Internet security.”

Mignon added “The rules were built on the record of more than four million comments and showed that a free open Internet is at the core of our American democracy”.

Vice President of Public Knowledge, Chris lewis said that “Pai can provide the dominate cable and telecom’s companies with their DC lobbyists which they have been dreaming for an years: the voluntary rules of pure neutrality, where consumer protection is no more, than trust the cable or ISP.”

But FCC declined to comment on this topic.

Pai wants to introduce new rules according to which internet providers such as AT & T, Comcast and Verizon communications will voluntary agree in their terms of service so as  not to interfere or slow the access of consumers to web contents. This step will allow the Federal Trade Commission to enforce the new rules.

While the telecom’s companies should not be discriminated against this, it is necessary to remember the need to manage the traffic, depending on the factors  such as quality of services, efficiency and security of the network and so on.

Internet service providers do not oppose the rules on net neutrality, but they opposed the decision to reclassify the internet service under the law that subjects them to potential service-type regulation.

According to the sources “It is expected that Pai will represent its proposal on April 27 with the initial voting as scheduled for May or June. This proposal will be open to public discussion before the FCC can refine it.”

The Internet Association, telecom’s groups representing a large Internet companies like Google, Facebook, Netflix and Microsoft strongly supports the net neutrality of the network, and will meet with Pai on Tuesday, a sources similar with this matter told us.

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