The online video streaming company Netflix has today announced that it’s long-time chief product officer Neil Hunt will leave the company in July.

At that time, international executive Greg Peters will be named the new chief product officer, responsible for designing, building and delivering the Netflix experience.

Hunt, who has been working with Netflix for two decades (almost 18 years) since its inspection, has seen a significant changes in the company’s business, from DVD-to-mail service to a US-based desktop streaming business to a company which make video and shows available on Smartphones and connected TV products worldwide.

Company added Greg Peters is replacing Neil Hunt, Greg has played multiple roles in product development and business development for past nine years for the company. Currently, Peter led the development efforts in Netflix’s office in Tokyo, where he saw the creation and licensing of the content creation, and local marketing.

In an statement released by Reed Hastings, CEO for Netflix said: “Greg and Neil have worked for more than years to make the Netflix experience across the globe absolutely amazing, I hope to have Greg take on this roles and celebrate with Neil, our 100 millionth members.”

In addition, Netflix has also announced that Chief Talent Officer Tawni Cranz, who has been with the company since 2007, would also be leaving.

“Over the last decade, Tawni has played a formative role in developing our business culture as well as developing an amazing talent team, We deeply appreciate her contributions.” Hasting added.

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