A report by Norton by Symantec had said on Tuesday that more than 96% of Indians put personal information at risk while using public Wi-Fi for checking bank accounts, sharing personal photos and videos.

According to Symantec’s  ‘Norton Wi-Fi Risk Report 2017’, consumers are unable to resist a strong, free Wi-Fi network and their online behavior can keep their personal information in danger.

Ritesh Chopra, country manager of the consumer business unit, Symantec, said in a statement: “When people make reality by making public Wi-Fi, what people think, there is a deep division between them.”

“Someone thinks that personal devices can also be appropriately installed with unsafe Wi-Fi networks or privacy loopholes by cyber criminals,” he said.

It has been said in the report that considering the 73% Indian private e-mail (19%), private photograph (22), three minutes of advertisement (35%) to do something for strong Wi-Fi signal or Will swap %), Allowing online dating profiles (16%), contact lists (19%) and personalized social media profiles to edit (19%).

It has also been found in the survey that 31% of Indian people use public Wi-Fi to view clear or suggestive content, 44% of which work at work and 49% in hotels.

The survey included more than 15,000 consumers from 15 countries, said that almost half (48%) of Indian users have reached Wi-Fi without the permission of the owner of the Wi-Fi network.

The report offers some measures to ensure security on the web, in which web pages are included in the search for Virtual Private Network (VPN) and ‘HTTPS’ (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure).

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