On Monday, the online music giant Pandora, introduced music on demand subscription based service for its users.

The company said that Pandora Premium will began from Wednesday, which will still continue to include its signature stations, as well as it will also allow its subscribers to select individual songs.

This new feature will be called “My Thumbs Up”, which will save the selection of songs of listeners and automatically create a playlist based on their interest. Unlike Apple Music and Spotify, Pandora Premium will charge $9.99 per month, which will allow subscribers to download music and play it when they are offline.

Time Westergen, Co-Founder and CEO of Pandora added “With this Premium service, we use a huge amount of data, and all we’ve learned about customization – to provide a listening experience that sets a new standard for what a music service should be.”

The music on demand service was a long we expected for, as the company announced it’s plans for September,when it released it released Pandora Plus, the yet another subscription services.

Pandora, which was acquired by Rdio in 2015, when the company was struggling from bankruptcy.

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