On Wednesday Editors on Wikipedia has voted to ban the use of the contents from British news site The Daily Mail and its most popular websites as sources, calling them “unreliable”, according to a statement.

According to the statement issued by Wikipedia in which it  states that, “The English language publishers for Wikipedia has quoted the newspaper’s reputation for ‘bad fact checking, sensationalism and flat manufacturing,”.

Voting means that the use of this site as a reference should be “generally banned”, It added.

The parent organization of Wikipedia, admitted that the vote in this statement quoted in The Guardian, that it depends on its unpaid editors.

This means that from today, “The Daily Mail will never shown as a reliable source for the Wikipedia’s English version, but the volunteers and editors are encouraged  to make a change in the existing quotation on The Daily Mail as a reliable to other source community.”

The contents on Wikipedia are written and edited by a global network of volunteers, who must base their articles on “reliable, third-party published sources with a reputation for fact-checking and accuracy of that contents.

The reliability of The Daily Mail has been a subject of discussion among the Editors of Wikipedia since January 2015.

The Daily Mail, is a second largest  daily newspaper company, which has previously accused of racism, sensationalism and inaccuracy.

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