According to a news published in The Journal Nature Communications MIT engineers have designed a hydrogel based robots that can functions when water is pumped in and out and can perform a task such as grabbing and releasing a live fish. Even with that this robots can also perform fast and energetic tasks such as kicking a ball under water.

Xuanhe Zhao, the associate professor at MIT said that “This robots are fully made of Hydrogel – a hard, rubbery and almost transparent, which is made mainly of water.” “Hydrogels are gentle, moist, bio-compatible and can form more friendly interfaces with human organs.” He added

Each and every robots is an assembly of hollow hydrogel formation and precisely attached with the rubber tubes. When engineer pump the water into hydrogel robots, the structure swells rapidly in orientations that allow the robots to bend or stretch.

As this robots are almost made of wholly of water, they share the equal visual and acoustic properties of waters. Engineers believe that these robots can be virtually invisible, if they are made for underwater uses.

He also added “We are currently working with medical groups to translate this system into a mild manipulators such as hydrogel hands, which could potentially apply gentler mainpulations to tissues and organs during the surgical operations.”

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