Reddit who lent to make President Donald Trump’s breaking through the physical manifestation of CNN, apologized to the news outlet at Reddit post.

A user who handle HanA-holeSolo account has a history of other racist messages wrote that they were forced to place Trump Meme, because “as time elapsed, he became dependent on how far he could go with the messages that were made”

“I’m by no means a human being, I love and accept people in all spheres of life and did it throughout my life,” they continued. “I’m not the person the media interprets to be in real life, I’ve been trolling and posting things to get a reaction from the subs on Reddit and it never meant any hatred I told in these posts. ”


“Meme was purely created as satire, it did not mean calling for violence against CNN or any other news case. I had no idea whoever took it and put it on sound, and then placed it on the president’s presidential channel. Buzz, nothing more “, – they added. “What shows the presidential channel is not an original post that was posted here but downloaded somewhere else and the sound was added to it, then sent to Twitter.”

The user wrote that they had “the highest respect for the journalistic community” and that they did not condemn the brutal violence against the press.

It also apologized for publishing things that were racist, fanatical, and anti-Semitic, while they concluded that they were abandoning the Reddit account used to create the “Trump Meme”.

“This is my last post on this account, and I wanted to do it on a positive note, and I hope this will facilitate the controversy that it caused everything,” they wrote. “Peace.”

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