Lighthouse, an Australian startup has today announced that it has raised $1.5 million in seed round led by Tamarisc, an early stage venture firms which invest in real estate tech startups including Morningside Technology Ventures and Storm Industries Investments.

After making a successful funding from Tamarisc and others, Lighthouse CEO, Patrick Carney, stated : “We see a huge opportunity for the destruction of the industry, based on the actual workforce, using inefficient, manual and paper-based process.”

How Lighthouse works? : The company fit-out their staff with a mobile application that takes sensor data as Bluetooth tags to provide exact information about their environment based on that location. This may show off in many Sci-Fi type of things as like air quality in some areas, but for now, it is practical information such as task lists, instructions and content security Alerts. For large flexibility such as shopping malls, airports, hospitals and stadiums, this means that workers become more efficient to verify things that really need fixing etc rather than endless walking all around. This obviously leads to cut operational costs.

The above heatmap function indicates where the workers spend their most of their time including various websites. The upcoming features include If-This-Then-Than (IFTTT) engine, which is able to locate the changes from the sensors and other web services and then call out to the corresponding worker.

The current round of funding is used to accelerate product development and growth in the US market.


[graphiq id=”ivDPVDNl8nH” title=”Heat map” width=”500″ height=”371″ url=”” ]

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