India’s largest telecom network Bharti Aritel has today filed a review petition with Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) on the appeal which was made by Reliance Jio Infocomm against the fastest mobile network advertising campaigns of the market leader on the back of Ookla speed test rating.

In it’s 29th March directive, ASCI asked Bharti Airtel either to revoke or modify the TV commercial ads by April 11, which claimed the company as having the fastest mobile network based on network speed testing site Ookla.

According to the sources “Airtel has filed a request for review with ASCI to reconsider it decision based on the evidence provided on the removal or change of there television commercials based on a reports claimed by Ookla.”

“We will fully comply with the regulator and will be able to modify the existing campaign according to the notices issued” sources added.

Reliance Jio , one of the main rival of Airtel, has asked the advertising controller for an “instant intervention’ in what is allegedly a misleading advertisement.

ASCI’s Fast Track Complaints C committee  (FTCC) has upheld a complaint made by Jio on March 29, by saying that Airtel’s commercial ads, which demonstrates that the nation’s fastest telecommunications network is misleading and request request removal or modify of those ads by April 11.

The Advertising Standards Council of India(ASCI) panels has ruled that “TVC ads and websites violated”ASCI law has said it will appeal the order.

At a meeting on March 29, the FTCC said even though Airtel had filed a Ookla certification, it did not specify a clear test method to confirm that this method was effective in capturing samples. It is a representative and comparable to geographic and consumer operations.

It also mention that, the advertiser’s claim is not specific to 4G technology, while TVC has a visual reference to 4G.  “The speed comparison  image also referred to 4G in the notification bar and shows a poor signal strength for other service providers. The FTCC consider this representation to be ambiguity and implication” committee added.

“In addition, FTCC has also found the term “Officially” misleading, as this test is not based on a government organization or recognized authority, like TRAI in this category, and thus exploits the lack of consumer knowledge,” Panel added.

In return for ASCI’s opinion, Airtel recalled earlier that the current marketing was based on a globally recognized by Ookla mobile speed test.

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