According to the news reported by Xinhua News agency, Chinese rocket launch has failed due to an anomaly detection during the flight.

From the Wenchang Space Launch Center in Southern Hainan, Xinhua reported that “Experts are investigating the cause of the failure to launch the long March-5 Y2, the second heavy carrier rocket for China.”


Video from the live broadcast showed that the rocket rises and shoots into the sky, with a voice showing that everything is going well. From the live broadcast it was clear that something went wrong. It is also unclear whether the rocket carrying the communications satellite has entered the orbit.

According to Xinhua reports, several Long March-5 launches were planned to prepare for the lunar probe of China, a manned space station and missions to explore Mars. The launch on Sunday was to be the last training before the rocket was to hold a lunar probe this year. It did not immediately become clear how the failure of Sunday will affect the planned missions.

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