Confirming it’s commitment to invest more in country, Global networking giant Cisco introduced its first ‘Made In India’ router, which can be used by small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) in many industries.

Introduced in the presence of Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister for Information Technology and Electronics,  a router which value is less than US $1,500 and it is one of the most popular product in the Cisco core switching portfolio in the world, it is of fundamental importance for the network connection.

Prasad said “I would like to thank the Cisco team that I had requested them to take the lead in ‘Make In India’ initiative, and today it is a excellent product which will help the Internet in Office buildings and other places, which is a clear sign of digitising India.”

In an statement Cisco said “With this network, Jio will offer a combination of high-speed internet data, mobile video, VoLTE, digital commerce, media, cloud and payment service platform.”

Recently, Cisco launched its manufacturing operation in Pune and announced it may build Nagpur as a Smart City with its Nex-Gen solutions.

On Monday, Cisco launched “Umbrella”, an Internet gateway to secure the cloud-based that provides visibility and threat protection wherever the users work from.

John Kern, Senior VP for Supply Operation Network and India Executive Sponsor of Cisco said “India is an incredible country for Cisco because it provides a 360 degree value – an excellent growth opportunity, world class talent and now is an integral part of our global supply chain.”

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