On Thursday, Software giant Infosys has announced that it has team up with American tech firm Hewlett-Packard (HP), to bring new services for digital transformation of the global enterprises.

In an statement Infosys spokesperson said “Our Shared Retail Point of Sale (RPoS) and Enterprise Device as Service (DaaS) solutions help companies accelerate their digital transformation.”

As part of the HP Global System Integrator (GSI) alliance program, the solution offers a digital approach throughout the supply chain, allowing real-time interactions between buyers, retailers and suppliers at the time of purchase, providing an experience of an Omani-directional channel.

DaaS provides technology-driven transformations and helps organizations acquire, manage, and use end-to-end services, enterprise applications, fleet reports, analytics, and ideas.

“Together, we can increase end-user experience by leveraging valuable relationships with the most common customers in all industries and giving them the opportunity to invest their own start-ups,” said Jon Flaxman, HP’s operations.

“The introduction of joint solutions confirms our vision with HP to revolutionize the retail industry through innovation and analysis, “said Infosys manager Amanda Sandeep Dadlani in the statement.

“As digital transformation is adopted and developed by businesses, our focus will continue to create new experiences among sector segments,” Dadlani said.

Given the rapid innovation, it is imperative that companies in the industry sector remain competitive as well as change.

It stated: “The adoption of new technology is simple in theory but in practice bedeviling” and supply chain teams, the challenge of dealing with larger IT initiatives including production and transportation barriers.”

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