According to the latest Global Index report, India is at 23rd position out of 163 countries, that measures the commitment of nations across the world to cybersecurity.

On Wednesday, The United Nations Telecommunication Union, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has released its second World Cyber Security Index (GCI) which states that “Half of the countries have a cybersecurity policies or they are in the process of developing the policies and are calling other  countries to review national policies. That’s all.

India ranked 23rd on the index with 0.683 and was listed in the “mature” category, in which 77 countries were suggested that have developed a complex commitment to cybersecurity, cybersecurity programs and initiatives.

Singapore has surpassed the index with 0.925 points.

The report indicates that about 38% of countries have published cyber security strategies and an additional 12% of the government is developing.

The agency needs to make more efforts in this important area, especially because it has been said that the government considers digital risks a high priority.

“Cybersecurity is an ecological system where legislation, organization, skills, cooperation and technical implementation must be in the best possible interaction,” the report said. Cyber ​​Security “is becoming more and more relevant to the minds of decision makers in countries” ”

The 10 countries most committed to cybersecurity are Singapore, America, Malaysia, Oman, Estonia, Mauritius, Australia, Georgia, France and Canada. Russia ranks 11th

The ITU Global Cyber ​​Security Program: the five pillars of legal, technical, institutional, capacity building and international cooperation reform and capacity building provide information on the index.


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