According to documents submitted to Reuters, almost two dozen large companies in the field of technology and other industries are planning to create a coalition requiring legislation that would allow young, illegal immigrants to become permanent residents.

The Coalition for the American Dream intends to ask Congress to adopt bipartisan legislation this year that will allow these immigrants, who are often called “Dreamers”, to continue working in the United States, the documents say.

One of the documents shows how Google, Microsoft Corp., Facebook Inc, Intel Corp, Uber Technologies Inc, IBM Corp, Marriott International Inc and other top companies in the US.

Intel, Uber and Univision Communications Inc confirmed their membership, but other companies did not immediately comment. It is possible that the plans for launching the group may change.

“We are pleased to join other organizations, urging Congress to enact legislation to protect Dreamers,” Intel spokesman Will Moss said in a statement.

Matthew Wing, Uber’s spokesman, said: “Uber joined the Coalition for the American dream, because we stand with the Dreamers. We also conducted town halls, provided legal support and launched an online Dreamer resource for any of our drivers. ”


The impetus to this legislation comes after President Donald Trump’s September decision to expire in March, the program “Delayed Actions for the Adoption of Children” (DACA) expires. This program, created by former President Barack Obama in 2012, allows approximately 900,000 illegal immigrants to obtain work permits.

About 800 companies signed a letter to Congressional leaders after Trump’s decision, calling for legislation protecting the Dreamers. These efforts were led by a group on immigration reform. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder in 2013, named

Many of the companies that supported this letter are called joining the new coalition. According to a letter published last week by Reuters, the group plans to take out advertising in news publications, although this can be changed.

“Dreamers are a part of our society, they protect our country and support our economy,” said one of the coalition documents shared by the group to attract additional companies.

The registration form for the group said that 72 percent of the top 25 Fortune 500 companies use DACA recipients.

Trump campaigned for the president on the promise to tighten immigration policies and build a wall along the border with Mexico. He left the fate of the DACA before the Congress.

The action can be taken in December, when Congress must pass the bill on expenditure, so that the US government opens. Democrats felt it necessary to insist on helping the Dreamers as the price for giving votes that might be required to prevent the closure of the government.

In an interview earlier on Thursday, Todd Schulte, president of, said that “No politician wants to go home for vacations and read stories about how this will be the last holiday of DACA recipients in the US.” But he declined to comment on the new coalition.

“You will see that this continues until the escalation before the end of the year,” he added.

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