During at the Industry event on Friday, Telecom Minister of India Manoj Sinha has said “India is preparing for 5G technology and could well lead the global subscriptions to the next generation technology along with North America by 22″.

Speaking at event, Sinha said that “due to the increase in the use of broadband access to smartphones, the next telecom policy of the government will take note of future signs, which will lead the industry ahead of the data volume”.

“It is important to think and prepare for the ecological arrangements that are in the mainstream (IOT) and artificial intelligence (AI) and connectivity is integral to improve the quality of e-governance and education as well as to enable financial. Inclusion, smart cities and intelligent transport systems Among other things, “He added.

“Using new issues like IoT, automation, traffic and large data, 5G will increase digital transactions in many industries”.

The Government of India has already started introduction of 5G technology. The telecom department has recently suggested introduction of the 5G spectrum in Sector Regulator from 3400 MHz to 3600 Mhz band, which can make the entry in the next auction process.

Sinha said that “the time for pushing for digital era is the need of the hour, whether it is broadband spectrum, Internet access or availability, data protection, or cyber security, which was implemented five years ago, is no longer relevant. Today’s references, and new strategies, must be in the future”.

“They needs to be able to deal with India’s challenges and to find ways to deal with those challenges,” Sinha said.

He also added “broadband has given important importance to India and the world to ensure digital connectivity, which will increase the high productivity proved in many developed economies. ‘Digital India’ is the main business and it is going to be enabled by the Digital India program at every Indian and telephone location”.

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