On Monday, Reliance Jio has filed a complaint with the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) against broadband tester Ookla’s network speed tester which claim that Bharti Airtel has the fastest network speed in India.

“The claim of Airtel, which call themselves as India’s fastest network is false, misleading and wrong. The claim is being made by Bharti Airtel action in a bad faith in collusion with Ookla LLC, who call themselves as an experts in the field of internet testing space speed,” says the letter which was sent by Reliance Jio to the ASCI, an advertising watchdog in India, a copy of letter which is available with IANS.

Reliance Jio told ASCI that the Ookla is not recognized either the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) or the Department of Telecommunications (DoT). Therefore, Airtel cannot use the word ‘officially’ in its advertisements.



The letter says “Without prejudice to the foregoing,in any case, the way of forecasting the award misleads the public, believing that the Airtel has the fastest network today, that is when the advertisement is being broadcast or being published.

Jio also stated that Ookla is only for profit company. “It charges money for its services used by telecom’s companies for their domestic consumption, and it charges an additional consideration” for the granting of certificates, which can be used bu those companies for external consumption, marketing and advertising.”

The letter also states that “Even in the past, Airtel has been found guilty of making attempts to use such titles and proclamations.”

Explaining its position, Airtel spokesperson said “Airtel has been rated as the fastest mobile network in India by Ookla, the world leader in broadband network test and network diagnostics app on the network.”

“In an Advertisement it is clearly mentioned that Ookla’s findings are based on an analysis of millions of internet speed test logged on the modern devices” by the mobile customers across India using its popular speed text app. This test are based on the mobile tests, regardless of connection technology,” He added.

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