Technology giant Samsung Electronics is planning to build world biggest OLED plants in South Korea by the year end, which will help Samsung to boost up its production of flexible OLED screens for upcomming Apple iPhone 8and other devices.

Samsung display covers 98% of the total global market for small and medium flexible OLED screens.

According to the latest news reported by Korean local website ETNews, said that “this plants¬† to be located at Cheonin and Asan with a expected cost of around $1.75 billion for construction of each plant and $14 billion for equipment of OLED fabrications”.

With the total cost of nearly $21 billion for each plants.

The report said “This plant will have more than 30 percent of production capacity as compare to aA3 Samsung display plant which is Samsung’s current biggest Display plant.”

Samsung has already started building its sixth generation flexible OLED production line called ‘A5’ which has the production capacity of 180,000 to 270,000 panels per month.

As per the reports, “Samsung is also planning to make a investment which will have two plants produce over 270,000 panels each month.

“The Samsung Display is also looking for such investments which two plants will produce 270,000 panels per month,” Reports stated.

“This means that each plant will have a production capacity of 135,000 panels per month, if it wants to make such investment, then it will have to invest between $ 20.1 billion and $ 21.0 billion,” Report highlighted.

ETNews also added “If Samsung Display greatly increases its output, it can reduce price even more. If it secures output, technologies, and price before appearance of new businesses on full-scale, it can create an enormous entry barrier.”

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